• Non advice service
  • All risk taken by directors / shareholders
  • Paperwork completed
  • Closure
  • Suitable for contractors

Fixed Fee £850

Plus disbursements
Plus VAT (Usually Reclaimable)


  • Advice driven service
  • Ensure there will be no comeback from HMRC
  • Check the tax
  • Peace of mind as any difficulties that may arise are resolved
  • Suitable for consultant or larger companies where the board has already dealt with all of the asset realisations

From £2,000

Plus disbursements
Plus VAT (Usually Reclaimable)


  • Bespoke and advice driven service
  • Discussions with company’s professional advisors
  • Restructuring and realisation of going from a live business to liquidation
  • Taking a commercial approach to asset realisation
  • Dealing with creditors
  • Contingent liabilities

From £5,000

Plus disbursements
Plus VAT (Usually Reclaimable)

What is an MVL?

POSITIVE end to a companies life
TAX EFFICIENT exit route for shareholders

You could say an MVL is a positive end to a companies life. The process closes the company, leaving no outstanding matters and provides a potentially tax efficient and lucrative exit for company shareholders.

What are the benefits of an MVL?

TAX EFFICIENT - Shareholders pay as little as 10% capital gains tax.
LOW COST - prices as low as £850 + VAT.
TURNAROUND - Turnaround and distribution of cash to shareholders in 7 days from trusted MVL experts.

An MVL is a POSITIVE process - if you have a cash rich company and want to keep your tax bills low, then an
MVL could be the way forward.

Why pay a higher rate income tax on dividends of 40-50%? An MVL will allow companies to avoid this heavy tax rate by distributing assets, and instead paying capital gains tax (CGT) from as little as 10% tax. Saving shareholders a "a shed load of cash".

Are you ready for an MVL?

If you can answer YES to the questions below, then you are ready to make the first step with us.

  • Are you (or your clients) planning to make distributions of more than £25,000 to shareholders?
  • Can the shareholders claim reliefs allowing them to pay 10% tax?
  • Is the company nearing the end of its life?