Shareholder and partnership mediation

Shareholder and partnership disputes can happen at any time when relationships break down, particularly in the final weeks and months of a business.

Such disputes can be very stressful, and emotions can quickly run high, with all sorts of allegations being thrown about.

Mediation can be a very effective tool to bring the parties together to lower tensions to the point where productive discussions can take place and a solution found.

Mediated solutions

With shareholder and partnership disputes, solutions we mediate can include:

  • Management buy-out
  • Other transfer of ownership
  • Sale or merger
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), a very tax efficient method to close a solvent business
  • A formal claim adjudication process, contained within the Insolvency Act, to value the grievances of both parties

As licensed insolvency practitioners, Frost Group can undertake an MVL (and other forms of liquidation) and formal claim adjudication.

To find out more

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