Commercial mediation

Mediation can avoid the need for costly and lengthy litigation to resolve commercial disputes.

The disadvantages of litigation

Litigation will end in a win/lose scenario, which can be a very unappealing position if you end up on the losing end.

The antagonistic nature of litigation makes it almost impossible for business relations to be resumed after a dispute.

Mediation – faster and more certainty

On the other hand, mediation looks to find a mutually agreeable solution, where both parties reach a compromise where they achieve some of what they are looking for. Although there are no guarantees, mediation does offer a much higher certainty of resolution.

Mediation is also much faster than litigation. It can be arranged quickly and can normally be resolved within a day – far more quickly than waiting to go to court. This may be an extremely important consideration if large sums of money are involved and cash flow is under pressure.

Retaining working relationships

Mediation will take the heat out of the dispute and create space for discussion. When you work with an experienced commercial mediator like Jeremy Frost CEDR, he can look beyond the detail of the dispute at hand to see what else may be impacting relations and how these can be improved, especially important if the parties would like to continue working together.

In this way, not only would Jeremy be looking to achieve a settlement, but also a new footing for the parties to rebuild their working relationship.

To find out more

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