About us

Our reputation is built on providing straight talking advice, our expertise is in finding ways to make problems more manageable and our responsibility is to find the best possible outcome for our clients.

We support business and people across a number of areas. We are licensed insolvency practitioner and business advisors and our approach is firmly based on honesty, transparency and being straightforward.

Our philosophy

When forming Frost Group, Jeremy’s philosophy was to build a practice head and shoulders above the run of the mill insolvency practices.

He has achieved this by:

  • Putting clients at the heart of our business – a practice clients can depend on
  • Taking an honest, transparent and straight forward approach
  • Allaying the fear and anxiety around deciding to contact an Insolvency Practitioner
  • Giving excellent client service from highly trained and sincere staff


All corporate and personal insolvency work is undertaken at our offices in Bromley, Croydon and London. We have three Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, all with many years’ experience in dealing with individual, partnership and company debt problems, together with a team of specialist administrators and support staff.

Business advice

Through our business advice services we help companies gain access to finance, develop their business strategy and help them grow. We help both businesses who are experiencing difficulties and come to us to help them avoid insolvency, turnaround and move forward, as well as successful business who have ambitions to grow further.

What sets us apart

We believe that combining the accessibility and experience of our Insolvency Practitioners with staff who work with rather than against you, is what sets Frost Group apart from our competitors.