How mediation works

Mediation helps avoid costly court cases, bringing genuine understanding of the issues between parties. It is faster and more cost-effective, offering flexibility and certainty of outcome. 

Mediation requires skill, legal and commercial expertise and an understanding of each party’s state of mind and motivation.

At Frost Group, we specialise in the following types of mediation;

  • Commercial mediation
  • Debt-related disputes
  • Insolvency mediation
  • Shareholder and partner disputes

Face-to-face mediation

If the session is a face-to-face mediation, the parties will start in separate rooms, where the mediator will listen to the positions of each party and move between the two rooms to firstly establish the facts of the matter and then move the parties to a position where each understands the other’s position.

Once understanding has been reached, the mediator will then work with the parties to address points of conflict and move towards a settlement. This may entail physically bringing them together into the same room. Take a look at our pricing plans

Telephone or Skype mediation

In the case of telephone or Skype mediation, the calls will be help with each party separately, then all brought together at the appropriate time. Take a look at our pricing plans

The mediator’s role

The mediator’s role is to bring the parties to a settlement, whilst always remaining impartial and unbiased. He or she works for both parties equally. Commercial mediation will normally be completed within one session, which may last from a few hours to a whole day, possibly going into the evening.

Settlement and agreement

Once a settlement has been reached, an agreement will be drawn up to be signed by both parties. Depending on the nature of the dispute, the agreement may be the final document, or, in a more complex matter, may be the top-level agreement and the steps to be undertaken to complete the final agreement.

The agreement made at the end of the mediation session is legally binding on the parties.

To find out more

You can contact Jeremy on 020 8915 1012 or at our Croydon Head Office on 0845 260 0101 or alternatively send Jeremy an email.