IR35 is a piece of legislation that allows HMRC to collect additional payment where a contractor is an employee in all but name. If a contractor is operating through an intermediary, such as a limited company, and but for that intermediary they would be an employee of their client, IR35 kicks in.

Jeremy Frost

Has another year really passed? It doesn’t seem like yesterday that I wrote to report the scale of returns we had made to shareholders utilizing our Members Liquidation services.

The bad news this year is that we didn’t quite reach our £30m capital return expectation although the £27m we did achieve split between over 350 individuals still represents a very satisfying 60% increase on 2018.

And with IR35 review (or not!) now progressing, a budget in the next two months and 6 April 2020 just around the corner, our phones have not been quiet since the Christmas break. £50m of capital returned this year is now our target! As of today we have just surpassed the level of new clients that engaged us in the entirety of January 2020.

We remain passionate about providing a quality service at a reasonable price and can now announce that we are engaging Trust Pilot soon to help us qualify just how well received our services are.

If you still have concerns about what we can do for you wait a few weeks and then look us up.