Everyone can find themselves in financial difficulty.

If your finances are spiralling out of control and you have no financial confidence, perhaps you have credit cards, high interest loans and other financial commitments, you can always do something pro-active to resolve your debt problems.

We can help you to get your financial health back on track. This starts by talking through your current financial circumstances, explaining your options and pointing you in the right direction.

It may be that a debt consolidation loan will pay off your existing debts and leave you with a manageable monthly repayment, perhaps over a longer period of time and at a lower interest rate. We will help you to weigh up all the alternatives to reduce your debts and most importantly help you to analyse your budget first.

Our team includes bankers and financiers who have considerable experience in preparing bank and credit applications. They will give you an advantage when re-financing or re-negotiating existing banking terms and also look at how much debt you have outstanding and your credit risk. We will help you to consider if you are able to cope with a loan repayment especially if your property has to be used as security against a loan.

For confidential refinance help and advice in Croydon, Bournemouth and London, please contact David Salkeld on 0845 260 010.