If you are experiencing pressure from your creditors such as HMRC and/or banks and credit cards, we can negotiate with them and reduce your monthly expenditure. We are also one of the few Insolvency Practices to hold additional FCA - Financial Conduct Authority regulation - so you can be assured you are being well taken care of.

Carisse Hollett

Personal debt and financial difficulty can be overwhelming, particularly the pressure of dealing with creditors.

By using an IVA or bankruptcy we can stop the phone calls and threatening letters.

Financial problems affect people from all walks of life. You may be asset rich but cash poor, or have experienced an unfortunate change of circumstances. If you are worried your debt is getting out of control and you are struggling to pay the bills every month, there is a way out and this involves sharing your problems to help solve the situation.

There is a solution

The good news is that no matter how bad your predicament, there is a solution. The key is to move quickly and the earlier you act, the more options you have. We can offer you a lifeline:

  • We can stop phone calls and threatening letters
  • We can put you in control of your debt and back to rebuilding your life
  • We help to reduce your stress and worry
  • We offer free professional help and advice

Our experienced personal insolvency and debt solutions team will give you professional debt advice and a high quality solution to your problems. This may be negotiating with your creditors on an informal basis, or maybe an IVA or bankruptcy. We will put you in control of your debt and back on the road to recovery.

Find out more

For a free initial consultation, please call us on 0845 260 0101. We provide expert debt advice and support nationwide from our offices in Bournemouth, Croydon and London.

If you live in Croydon Bournemouth or London and need help to get out of debt we can usually arrange to meet you at our offices within the hour.

While we do provide free telephone advice, we also run a free monthly drop in clinic and sometimes it is better to talk face to face if you are serious about solving your debt problems.

We offer a bespoke and personal service - you will not be dealing with staff at a large and impersonal call centre.