Mediation pricing plans

The cost of mediation is shared equally between the disputing parties. This will ensure that everyone will have a commitment to the process and finding an agreeable outcome.

Mediation fees are always paid in advance and are non-refundable. They may include VAT if the mediator is VAT registered (a recoverable cost if your company is also VAT registered).

It is entirely the decision of the parties as to whether to involve solicitors in the mediation session, but if they do so, they will incur the legal fees on top of the mediator’s fee.

Mediators do not, under any circumstances, take a percentage of the financial settlement reached by the parties. Ethics aside, to do so would undermine the impartiality of their role in the process.

Pricing plans from Frost

We have a range of pricing options designed to meet the circumstances of your case.

To make the process as simple and stress-free as possible, we have developed a range of mediation plans for you to choose from, knowing exactly what you will get and what it will cost (we will provide you a quote under the “Bespoke” plan before you make your decision).

The fees within these plans are for the mediation itself, NOT per party. They will be split evenly between the parties and are paid in advance.

If there are any disbursements, for example room hire and catering, these will be agreed in advance and invoiced to you after the session.

To find out more

You can contact Jeremy on 020 8915 1012 or at our Croydon Head Office on 0845 260 0101 or alternatively send Jeremy an email.


Mediation Pricing Plans
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