Pre-pack administration is a great tool for helping a struggling business to remain viable by selling the business and assets to a "newco", which can even be the current shareholders.

Our Insolvency Practitioners Jeremy Frost and Patrick Wadsted have assisted many business owners through pre-pack administrations.  

A pre-pack administration allows current owners and directors of a business to choose who to sell their company to.  A deal for the sale of the insolvent company's business and assets is agreed in principle before the company goes into a formal insolvency process, usually administration.

The process provides business continuity and is a very cost effective option.

There can be negative publicity associated with pre-packs, but R3, the insolvency trade body, stated recently that they van be more beneficial to secured creditors.

Independent research shows clear evidence that pre-packs fare considerably better than alternatives in terms of the retention of jobs and returns to secured creditors.


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