Company voluntary arrangement

A company voluntary arrangement can shield you from creditor action while we try to save your business.

Frost Group will guide you through a Company Voluntary Arrangement. This means that, as directors, you can enter into a legally binding compromise - to help you keep trading while working out a payment plan with your creditors.

With a CVA, you make a formal agreement with your creditors. You will need more than 75% in value of those creditors voting to vote in favour. Once agreed, your creditors are legally bound to accept the terms of the CVA, even the non-voters.

The procedure is extremely flexible and may involve delayed or reduced payments of debt, capital restructuring or an orderly disposal of assets.

A CVA is strategically valuable to you. Particularly where there are dissenting minorities.

As licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Frost Group can accept appointments as Nominees and Supervisors of CVAs.


  • If your business has a long term future but your finances are being squeezed by historic debt, a CVA avoids your company being wound up
  • You can continue trading through a difficult patch - old debts are frozen bundled up and payments to creditors deferred and often reduced
  • Creditors will often support a CVA over a liquidation, as creditors often get little or no money returned in a litigation.
  • An improvement in cashflow
  • At the end of the CVA, any debt is written off and the business has the opportunity to be profitable once again and of value to the shareholders

Act quickly

It is important to act swiftly as soon as you feel pressure mounting from creditors. A CVA can be suitable for most types of business and they may have the opportunity to use it, however, it does depend on the individual facts. As Licensed Insolvency Practitioners we will review your circumstances and give you all the options available.

Find out more

If you would like to talk to an Insolvency Practitioner, call us today on 0845 260 0101. Our Insolvency Practitioners give free and impartial advice on Company Voluntary Arrangements from our offices in Croydon, London and Bournemouth and can shield you from creditor action while we try to save your business.