Strike off

The end of the life of a company can be a difficult time for its shareholders and directors.  

We see many wishing to do the right thing, spending thousands on guarantees to fund the cost of liquidation.  We are always asking 'why'?  

It is after all a matter for creditors to fund a liquidation.  A shareholder's liability is, by definition, limited.  This is not to suggest that doing nothing is the answer either.

Frost Group provides owners, directors and shareholders with value for money advice on their responsibilities. Whilst a strike off is certainly cheaper than a liquidation it is only advisable in specific circumstances.  

We will undertake due diligence into the potential issues that might exist if a liquidation was to be commenced and liaise with creditors to determine their views before recommending a final course of action to the board.  

If you would like to discuss the options of a strike off for your company with one of our licensed insolvency practitioners, please call us on 0845 260 0101