Exit strategies

Many businesses in Croydon, London and Bournemouth benefit from our business advice.  We advise business owners on various possible exit strategies so that they can decide the best way for them to exit the business and receive a return on their investment.

Whether you are looking to build your business with a view to a sale or merger, or you have key personnel you want to develop as your successor, we can advise you on succession planning, share schemes for a management buy-in or management buy-out and how to prepare your business for sale.

If you want to close your business and unlock the capital, as licensed insolvency practitioners we can also undertake an MVL (members’ voluntary liquidation) which will do just that in a highly tax efficient way.  For an MVL in Croydon, London or Bournemouth call us on 0845 260 0101 for a free and confidential discussion with one of our Insolvency Practitioners.