Funding Business Growth

Posted on February 11, 2015 by FGL

As a business owner are you tweaking plans and budgets and looking to capitalise on any opportunities that 2015 may have to offer?

Growing your business profitably takes time and a huge investment in terms of drive, initiative, entrepreneurial insight and great leadership. But it can also need money, and sometimes a great deal of it.

The Banks are genuinely 'open for Business' and actively want to lend money – but there is a much more cautious structure to most of their Credit Policies these days, for the right reasons. A lot of business owners are reluctant to talk to the Banks about their growth plans and lending requirements for the fear of being turned down but if you've got a well-researched and presented proposition that is viable, profitable, sustainable and ultimately repayable, the bank will look for ways to help rather than ways to say 'no' so please talk to them !

Frost Group have got very good working relationships with all the Banks locally and have helped many of their clients to mould a good business proposition into a good 'lending' proposition and in some instances we have explored complementary support through;

  • The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme
  • GLE One London Loan funds.
  • Coast To Capital LEP – for Business Growth Grants. This is a marvellous scheme, and this year it match funded up to 25% of business 'growth projects' – working hand in hand with bank funding. I am a Panel Assessor for applications and in a hugely successful year they helped businesses of all sizes and sectors with Grants of £5k to £250k.

Give Frost Group a call if you'd like any help or assistance with lending.