We work with you to provide the best possible outcome for you and your business, putting you at the heart of our business

Jeremy Frost

We provide business with a range of services to support them at various stages of their lifecycle:

  • Business advice for companies that need support to develop and grow
  • Rescue and turnaround services for companies that are struggling
  • Insolvency services
  • Tax efficient ways of closing a solvent business
  • Credit management and debt collection

Why choose Frost Group?

Our Insolvency Practitioners have many years of experience. Experience does count but so too does a pragmatic and sympathetic approach. We will endeavour to provide solutions that will help to put your mind at rest and at no point will we leave you without help.

If you want honest and clear advice and someone to tell it to you 'as it is' give us a call today and see what we can do for you. Whatever you do, please don't do it alone. It can be a frightening time for you but it is possible to solve business problems especially cashflow problems.

Is your business experiencing difficulties?

If your company is insolvent or you think it might be, do not panic, it may only be a temporary problem and you may trade out of it.

However you MUST seek further advice, otherwise, if it goes under at a much later date, you could find yourself answering some tricky questions and possibly being asked to contribute towards the deficiency to creditors.

The earlier you talk to us, the more options are likely to be available to you.

Jeremy Frost

There are many warning signs that a business is in difficulty and could be insolvent. Today businesses have to operate in an unforgiving business environment with pressures in many forms and coming from many different directions.

If any of the following seem familiar, unfortunately your business could be at risk:

  • Your bank overdraft is always at its limit
  • Paying creditors is difficult and cashflow is always stretched to the limit
  • Debtors are not paying on time
  • Factoring companies are involved but there is a breakdown in communication
  • HMRC and VAT are not being paid regularly or paid on time
  • You have borrowed money against your home and can't take money out of the business to live - your personal debt situation is increasing
  • It is possible a winding up petition could be served

Find out more

Our Insolvency and Business Advice service operates nationwide from our offices in Croydon, London and Bournemouth. We take pride in offering bespoke and professional advice and know the damage and stress that debt can cause

All initial advice is free and confidential. If you would like to talk to us in confidence, we are only a phone call away on 0845 260 0101 or 07714 099691 (out of hours). We are usually able to arrange same day appointments and can move with speed and efficiency to sort out your problems.