Just how healthy is my business?

Posted on December 23, 2013 by FGL

The overall health of your business is more than just the profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.

It's about everything in your business as well – from the board room to the shop floor – and at any point in time there will be some parts that need more attention than others, whether you know it or not!

I’ve put together a Business Healthcheck Questionnaire to help owners identify the areas that could improve overall business performance and profitability. It uses business ‘best practice’ activities as a benchmark and covers management issues like:

  • Leadership and business planning, goal setting and budgeting
  • Staff performance management and development, motivation, delegation and communication
  • Financial systems, cashflow and cost management
  • Client and product management, marketing and business growth
  • Service and product quality

Managing the assets of your business most effectively

It’s very easy to take things for granted – or just get used to things not being quite how you’d like them - and you can hear yourself saying "I really must do something about that”, "when I’ve got time, I’ll deal with it”, "I’ll do it tomorrow” – and then something else crops up, and the opportunity is lost.

Small changes can make a huge difference – and the questionnaire will help you focus on these first.

Even if you think your business is in good shape, there may be the potential to put it in better shape.

For accountants, banks and other professionals wanting to support the success of their clients, the questionnaire could be a great starting point to help them focus on key issues for next year, and be in a strong position to capitalise on growth opportunities.

The questionnaire costs £50 (+VAT) – with a 1 hour follow-up consultancy session, free of charge.